Release Notes for v3.0.4 (2021.05.11)




It’s kind of silly, but if you’re using the free version of Streamie, you now have a little a small Streamie icon on the screen while you’re streaming. Upgrade and it goes away. I doubt that’ll convince anyone to upgrade, and that’s okay.




- Bug fixes for on-screen streamer menu (tvOS)

- Bug fix related to authenticating with some older cameras (Krill)

- Adds support for discovering Axis cameras (Onvif)

- Updates 3rd party libraries, AppCenter most notably

- Adds support for continually retrying failed streams (VT)

- Improved logging support for debugging

- Crash fix when viewing the Cameras tab (tvOS)

- Cleans up orphaned cameras from groups on app launch

- Sort cameras, groups alphabetically by name (iOS, tvOS)

- Make recording, manually when streaming; saves to Photo Library (iOS, tvOS)

- Watermark when streaming with the free app (iOS, tvOS)

- Bug fix when trying to use a saved user/pass with Ubiquiti cameras (iOS)

- Pull-to-refresh Events now fully refreshes (iOS)

- Loading Events now fully refreshes (tvOS)

- Bug fix for adding a HomeKit camera (tvOS)

- Streamie icon placeholder image for cameras with no snapshot (iOS, tvOS)


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