Release Notes for v3.0.4 (2021.05.11)




It’s kind of silly, but if you’re using the free version of Streamie, you now have a little a small Streamie icon on the screen while you’re streaming. Upgrade and it goes away. I doubt that’ll convince anyone to upgrade, and that’s okay.




- Bug fixes for on-screen streamer menu (tvOS)

- Bug fix related to authenticating with some older cameras (Krill)

- Adds support for discovering Axis cameras (Onvif)

- Updates 3rd party libraries, AppCenter most notably

- Adds support for continually retrying failed streams (VT)

- Improved logging support for debugging

- Crash fix when viewing the Cameras tab (tvOS)

- Cleans up orphaned cameras from groups on app launch

- Sort cameras, groups alphabetically by name (iOS, tvOS)

- Make recording, manually when streaming; saves to Photo Library (iOS, tvOS)

- Watermark when streaming with the free app (iOS, tvOS)

- Bug fix when trying to use a saved user/pass with Ubiquiti cameras (iOS)

- Pull-to-refresh Events now fully refreshes (iOS)

- Loading Events now fully refreshes (tvOS)

- Bug fix for adding a HomeKit camera (tvOS)

- Streamie icon placeholder image for cameras with no snapshot (iOS, tvOS)


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Streamie provides a best-in-class user experience on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Silicon Mac, with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to discover, stream, record, monitor and share your HomeKit, Google Nest, Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and ONVIF-compatible IP and RTSP cameras. Streamie keeps you informed with motion event notifications and it works with most cameras using its advanced audio and video codec support. You can watch your cameras from anywhere, record 24/7 to your private NAS, remotely manage multiple locations, device permissions and seamlessly synchronize settings across your devices; configure Hubitat smart home automations, live stream to YouTube and rely on the in-app technical support system when you need help (but you can also reach us by phone). Download Streamie today. Lastly, Streamie is solar powered!