Release Notes for v3.3.2 (2021.09.23)




This release only featured some minor changes, and one nice feature: if one of your devices captures a new periodic snapshot of a camera, that snapshot will be synchronized to your other devices, used in the thumbnail image for that camera.


Behind the scenes, I’ve also migrated from a single backend system (SQLite + API server running on one Mac Mini) to a somewhat more robust system (Bedrock + multiple API servers), giving me a lot more redundancy, and the ability to take some systems offline for upgrades and maintenance, without causing any downtime.


See this for more about Bedrock.


Migrating to Bedrock was pretty simple. I did a number of test runs before committing, of course. The database is pretty small, so I “cheated” and took the API server down for the several seconds it took to copy the database to the new server and start the Bedrock process.


I never could get Bedrock to run on macOS, which is sad because my Plan A was to have the API server and Bedrock running on each backend Mac Mini.




- Prevents streaming a group of cameras where a downgrade has made some of those cameras inaccessible

- Fixes an authentication issue when adding an ONVIF camera (iOS, tvOS)

- Camera snapshots, encrypted (with account-level toggle)


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