Release Notes for v3.8.2 (2022.07.02)




I changed plans shortly into the v3.9.0 development cycle when I ran into a couple pretty horrific bugs and then a few other bugs on top that.




- Fixes a hexdump() related crash. The bug became evident because I had previously added some UniFi Event debugging which made use of hexdump() in cases where a message was not parsable. [DV]

- Fixes a PTZ controls issue on Apple TV where the PTZ controls would get stuck on screen due to some sort of focus issue that resulted from our change to UIAlert for on-screen controls.

- Updates the an-app-update-is-available message to end with "This message will self-destruct in 60 seconds." And changes the period to 18 hours, so that the message will migrate throughout the day instead of being stuck (for instance) always appearing at 2am or something.

- Fixes a remote streaming issue when the streaming session was already running on the host device, transcoding for remote streaming was enabled, causing the original quality stream format and nalu data to be sent to the remote client instead of the transcoder's stream quality and nalu data.

- Fixes a remote streaming issue when multiple clients connect to the same host for the same camera.


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