Release Notes for v3.6.0 (2022.05.25)




This release is all about the Help tab. The content that you’re reading presently lives as a markdown-like document that iOS and tvOS render with UIKit, and which the backend will render as HTML for web viewing.


The interesting challenges in this process had to do with making the UIKit rendered content usable for iOS and tvOS, including clickable links (both external and to other articles), as well as embedded images and video.


About Tab


I have a neighbor who isn’t keen to update iOS on any of his devices beyond iOS 13. I finally accepted that my nagging wasn’t going to prevail, so how much effort would be required to change the target OS version from 14 to 13.x? It turns out that going back to 13.4 was nearly painless. Prior to that, changes were missing from NSFileHandle that I didn’t want to deal with, so the new minimum target is 13.4. I didn’t bother to do the same with tvOS because I don’t know anyone with similar apprehensions for their Apple TVs.




- Improves performance of the Camera Search screen

- Adds a per-camera recovery mode setting for handling cameras that frequently provide corrupt streams (AM)

- Improves ONVIF camera IP address following support

- Record new "feature overview" video (RSV) --

- Streamie (once again) supports iOS 13 (13.4, specifically) and newer, instead of just iOS 14 and newer. (CM)

- Fixes an issue where rotation and flip settings were not honored when remote streaming

- Launch of Streamie Store (TL)

- Launch of Streamie Help (

- Overhauls the Help tab with article search

- Improves the support ticket UI with clickable links to be able to refer a user to a Help article

- Reduces the number of camera, file server reachability mapping checks and updates

- When connecting to an Attached camera that is not local, auto-remote-connect

- Fixes an issue where event recording cache files were not deleted

- All cached event recordings are now purged when the app coordinator starts

- Each recording dump should now be deleted when the Dump is deallocated

- Adds support for streaming session reuse which should allow a single device to host many simultaneous remote streaming sessions

- If a device is live-streaming a camera, and then a request for a remote streaming session is received, Streamie will now make use of the existing connection

- If a device happens to be handling a remote streaming session and then the user starts live-streaming the same camera, Streamie will also make use of the existing connection

- Fixed an Account tab issue where the ability to delete an account was omitted from the Account tab overhaul

- Fixes a camera layout issue that was apparent when streaming cameras of varying sizes

- Periodically purges CMCFileCache-cached files

- Adds the increased-memory-limit entitlement (iOS) Increased Memory Limit Entitlement

- Fixes some of the old "Unlimited Cameras" purchase descriptions generated in Penguin that showed up in the Help tab incorrectly

- Optimizes camera layout performance, which is particularly apparent when starting a session with a large group of cameras

- Fixes a camera layout issue on iPhone, iPad that resulted in incorrectly placed blank spaces (DV)

- Fixes a camera layout issue on Apple TV which resulted in an annoying black bar if enough cameras were present to enable scrolling (AJ)

- Adds support for snap-to-edge when scrolling through cameras

- Removes Penguin support for the old Proxy service which was deprecated in v3.5.0 (with the advent of WebRTC for remote streaming)


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Streamie provides a best-in-class user experience on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Silicon Mac, with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to discover, stream, record, monitor and share your HomeKit, Google Nest, Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and ONVIF-compatible IP and RTSP cameras. Streamie keeps you informed with motion event notifications and it works with most cameras using its advanced audio and video codec support. You can watch your cameras from anywhere, record 24/7 to your private NAS, remotely manage multiple locations, device permissions and seamlessly synchronize settings across your devices; configure Hubitat smart home automations, live stream to YouTube and rely on the in-app technical support system when you need help (but you can also reach us by phone). Download Streamie today. Lastly, Streamie is solar powered!