Release Notes for v3.12.1 (2023.02.28)




My aspirations to just “tidy a few things up” turned into an impressive list of improvements. It never ceases to amaze me how many little (and not so little) edge cases I can find.




- Fixes an issue where Modules were sorting on uniqueId instead of the user-defined display name.

- Fixes a UniFi Protect compatibility issue related to the apRssi value which Streamie was incorrectly trying to decode as a String instead of an Int.

- When changing networks, Streamie will now clear the discovered devices cache so that the Camera Search screen is accurate to present conditions

- When taking a snapshot, honor the flip, rotation settings of the camera

- Fixes a rare crash related to tapping on a snapshot cell to view a NAS recording

- Fixes the right-arrow margins on the cells in the new Home tab screen

- Fixes a crash related to selecting a photo album that's a collection list; we now filter to only asset collections for the time being

- Fixes an issue where you could choose an album initially, but the UI was unresponsive if you went back to choose a different album; replaced the use of a Promise with a closure

- Fixes an issue when editing certain camera types (Onvif, Url, UniFi) where the keyboard would disappear repeatedly because each time a stream preview was loaded, a full reload of the collection view would occur.

- Fixes an issue where module events (add, edit, delete) were not being handled by the app as expected, meaning that module changes were not synchronized across devices right away

- Improves the Message module so that if the message text is blank, the text area is hidden and the module simply displays an image

- Improves the "sticky" pinch-to-zoom feature by ignoring an event if it is just related to one finger lifting off the screen, which prevents some annoying behavior if you didn’t carefully lift both fingers at the exact same moment

- When configuring a camera, an "Audio" option now exists for selectively disabling audio support for that camera

- Fixes an issue where changing the actively streaming cameras for a completely non-overlapping set would cause the current streaming session to exit

- Fixes an issue with markdown rendering where the character offsets of links were not properly calculated in some circumstances, leading to only the first link in a series of paragraphs being clickable.

- Fixes an issue with markdown link handling where only the first of a series of links was presented in tvOS instead of all available links in the series of highlighted paragraphs.

- Reduces the client reconnection delay in the case of an unexpected disconnect.

- Updates the Help ==> About screen to be rendered in Markdown and driven by dynamic content for ease of updating.

- Adds a release notes button to the About tab, which shows the release notes article related to the current app version

- Various additional UI improvements to the About screen

- Fixes an issue where the default axis for the layout of cameras when editing a group was not correctly set.

- For any online device, when viewing its Member details, Streamie will request a screen grab from it so that you can see what's being displayed at that very moment. The only caveat is that the actual video layer is not accessible as a screen-grab, so the recent camera snapshots that are layered behind the video layer are visible instead.

- Fixes the handling of web links to prefer an external browser for external links, specifically when clicking on links in Help articles.

- Improves UI consistency of navigation and other button elements throughout the app

- Removes the duplicative "Activate" button from the Junk Drawer screen (the functionality is still in the Purchases screen).

- Updates the "Upgrade" button to explain that upgrades are not available in-app; use the Help tab to contact customer support

- Adds (largely untested) support for defining multiple instances of each Integration type (Google Nest, UniFi Protect).

- Strips out some Google Nest code related to being an authorized 3rd party by Google, since that turned out to be a scam

- Fixes a crash in the core DataBuffer class where (I think...) the existence of a zero-length Data was not correctly handled. Prevents zero-length Data objects from being appended and explicitly checks for them before trying to read data

- Fixes a crash that can occur if you set up a Slideshow module with a photo album with no available assets

- Fixes a crash that occurs when the provided shared camera token is invalid as a URL component

- Fixes a handful of additional instances where editing a camera configuration would lead to an unexpected (and unhelpful) double-pop of the navigation controller.

- Fixes a crash that can occur due to concurrent access of the Packet Writer when a user's system is both recording and encoding event data into said recording.

- Registered some new domains for future use that'll just redirect to the main site for the time being, include:,,,,,,,

- Fixes an API disconnection reconnect issue where the delay incorrectly started at 60s instead of being capped at 60s.

- Adds support for a new "user added" notification whereby each member device is alerted when a new member device is added to your account.

- Updates the Welcome screen with enterprise-ready details like multi-location management support.




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