Release Notes for v3.11.3 (2023.02.11)




Most of the effort for this development cycle focused on NAS recordings and UniFi-related networking improvements.




- "Sticky" pinch-to-zoom (iOS)

- When browsing NAS recordings, each 10 minute file is represented by a series of snapshots taken every 15 seconds. For supported cameras with motion detection features, these snapshots can be filtered by motion events so that you can quickly review all events for a given day.

- Fixes a bug that prevented the tvOS app from viewing NAS recordings

- Resolves numerous issues with UniFi Protect motion event support [DV]

- Fixes an issue where Camera-specific menu options were available when tapping on a Module [MO]

- Fixes a layout issue with the bell icon in the Members settings screen (tvOS)

- Updated app and website with the new business phone line: 888.747.1377




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