Release Notes for v3.10.1 (2022.11.07)




This point release is a stepping stone towards v3.11.0 which will feature Record to Cloud support. Specifically, this point release introduces the SPF3 recording file format that encrypts your locally stored recordings. I didn’t originally view encryption of locally stored recordings as a priority because the user controls the infrastructure. However, as we move towards cloud support for recordings, encryption becomes essential.




- Fixes an issue where a Chinstrap Client connection timeout could be silently ignored instead of causing a retry or failover to another mechanism.

- Improves the Reset Everything button, which now (in addition to deleting all the the keys), now also purges all saved state (UserDefaults, cached files, etc) and then closes the app. When re-launching the app after a reset, it should be a first-time-user experience.

- Fixes an issue where remote connections might fail because Streamie incorrectly believed a local connection could be made because a device was previously discovered via mDNS, but we had since changed networks and we did not remove the mDNS entry when changing networks.

- Fixes the timestamp in the event details screen so that it shows the local time instead of GMT, which is useless.

- Fixes a setup issue where the newly added cameras were not automatically updated with the discovered camera device URLs.

- Fixes an issue with UniFi Protect support where if an initial attempt to connect failed, that failed connection would be cached and subsequent attempts to use it would just wait forever for it to connect.

- Fixes an issue discovered when helping JB configure her cameras with the printed out instructions. Her base64-encoded order number had forward slashes in it that iOS was having problems with when it came to producing a URL (from a scanned code). Encoding the forward slashes didn't help. Instead, they are now hex encoded, so this change adds hex decoding on the server side when trying to perform an activation.

- Fixes a Support Ticket issue where the subject / message could be wiped out because the keyboard was not correctly dismissed.

- Fixes a minor UI issue where text for the toggle cell was wrapped to a 2nd line even though we only display a single line. We now truncate tail when necessary.

- Adds support for the new SPF3 recording format which is always encrypted.

- When recording a camera, we now grab periodic (15s) snapshots which the writer (in the case of SPF3) can incorporate into the stream so that we can have intermediate, low-cost snapshots if we show a timeline of the recording.

- Adds the user-assigned-device-name entitlement, finally, now that Apple has granted it

- Adds a per-device rotation lock setting that you can use to prevent the streaming UI from rotating once started [DA]

- Adds support for clickable telephone links in Help articles





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