Release Notes for v3.5.1 (2022.03.28)




This release really stabilized the new WebRTC-based remote streaming support, thanks to some patient testing by a couple of users.


Additionally, the first major contribution from RSV is the new Hubitat support, which mirrors the existing SmartThings support. This is pretty exciting, because it doesn’t seem like SmartThings has made any good moves in a long while.




- Adds transcoding toggle to save bandwidth when remote streaming

- Fixes an issue where the "enable remoting" button did not correctly reflect the remoting state (tvOS)

- Fixes a crash that could occur when unexpectedly disconnecting from a WebRTC-based remoting session

- Improves Account tab options UI (tvOS)

- Improves visual feedback with a highlight animation when tapping on things (iOS)

- Adds Hubitat support for smart home system integration

- Adds support for rotation and flip on a per-camera basis

- Improves UI for configuring RTSP, HomeKit, Shared cameras

- Fixes collection view drawing issues (iOS)

- Fixes an issue where the camera name, address was not displayed (when highlighted) while streaming (tvOS)

- Adds per-stream volume control (iOS, tvOS)

- Fixes some SMB file server related issues

- Adds a "Test" button to the configure File Server screen to verify functionality

- Fixes a regression related to streaming some Ubiquiti cameras (DV)

- Fixes support for discovering Ubiquiti cameras with the latest UDM firmware

- Adds support for playing a local SPF file on Mac (by double-clicking the file)

- Fixes collection view drawing issues in UniFi configure screen

- Fixes a HomeKit compatibility issue with cameras attached to bridges


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