Release Notes for v3.13.0 (2023.03.24)




I started maintaining a document that I call the Streamie Master Plan, which outlines the development strategy. It’s a glorified todo list.


Permissions Groups is the major new feature of this release. To get this to this point, significant UI code refactoring took place to merge the iOS and tvOS UI code bases. Despite the overhead of doing this refactoring work, it has already saved time only having to maintain a single set of UI code which “just works” on both platforms.


Read more about Permissions Groups here. I’ll talk about it briefly here.


Using the Permissions Groups feature, you can assign member devices to a Group which will define which data objects (Cameras, Groups, Modules, Smart Devices and File Servers) they have access to, which actions they can perform on those data objects, and which app interface features are visible and enabled.


While unrestricted devices can view, modify and delete any data, a restricted device might only be able to see a single camera, be unable to view its configuration and only able to stream it. Unavailable screens and tabs are automatically removed from the interface.


As of this release, permissions do not extend to every aspect of the UI — only those elements that have undergone the “unification” process described above, which means just the screens accessible in the Home tab and the Settings tab. Future work will focus on the rest of the UI.




- Fixes an issue where the NAS recording Dates screen was relying on the NAS to return the dates in the desired order instead of forcing the sort order.

- Transitions tvOS navigation to match the new iOS Home-tab based navigation. Removes Cameras, Groups, Modules, File Servers, Members from the main tab bar

- Moves Accounts out of the Settings tab and into a tab-bar based option on the Home tab

- Updates all references to in the app and server code

- Fixes a label color issue for the Section cells in the new Home tab screen

- Accounts are now sorted alphabetically

- Accounts are now searchable via a navigation-bar text search field (iOS)

- Fixes a cell sizing issue in some places that can occur on smaller screen when rotating between landscape and portrait

- Updates the Help screen so that when tapping on a Tag to view articles related to that topic, that the articles now load in a new screen instead of in-line in the Help screen.

- Fixes the most obnoxious collection view drawing issue that's been haunting me ever since the UI redesign a couple years ago. This issue caused cells to not correctly size their height, resulting in headers / footers drawing on top of cells.

- Fixes a UniFi issue where a camera can have a null "host" value in its config, which we did not previously support

- Fixes an issue where the new Member screen grab image would show up in places where we weren't actually wanting to see that, like when configure a camera or smart device action.

- Miscellaneous improvements to UniFi support

- When a new account in created, it is now automatically assigned a random name

- Device offline alerts now occur thirty seconds after a device disconnects

- Fixes a memory leak related to the Group Edit screen where several instances of the Quilt VC were allocated and never cleaned up

- Fixes an issue with creating a new Group where the scroll direction should have been vertical (not horizontal) and the scale should have been set to 2 (not one).

- Adds support for Permissions Groups with which you can use to restrict access to Cameras, Groups, Modules, etc., and any tab or screen in the app. There are many edge cases for data access and UI functionality that will be smoothed out in future point releases.

- Fixes a number of UniFi compatibility issues related to adopting a device onto a new system without first removing it from an existing system. [DV]

- Fixes a minor oversight where drag-and-drop support was overlooked when refactoring the Home tab. Whoops.

- Adds a "Release Notes" button when the app prompts you regarding an available app update.

- Fixes a crash that could occur on tvOS when attempting to edit an RTSP camera configuration.

- Updates the Help ==> About screen and the Help ==> Release Notes screen so that it appears in the same pop-up style as the Help ==> Welcome screen.

- Fixes a server-side issue that prevented new Modules from being created.

- Updates the Saved Auth screen (now called Credentials) so that passwords are not plainly visible all the time. Instead, when the cell is selected the password is revealed. It's better than nothing while also still not ideal. [DV]

- Adds a "Help" button to each of the sub-screens in the Help and Settings tabs, linking to an associated Help Article, which can also be found on the website (



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