Streamie Help: The Settings-Integrations-WebApi Screen






The API endpoint looks like this with a ‘key’ parameter required for every request.




As an example, to send a command to start a camera on a particular member, you would:






Occurrences of “+” in a parameter value (such as a memberId) must be encoded as “%2B”.




GET /details/cameras

GET /details/groups

GET /details/modules

GET /details/members


GET /snapshot/camera?cameraId=xxx

GET /snapshot/module?moduleId=xxx

GET /snapshot/member?memberId=xxx


GET /control/stream/camera?cameraId=xxx&memberId=yyy

GET /control/stream/group?groupId=xxx&memberId=yyy

GET /control/stream/module?moduleId=xxx&memberId=yyy

GET /control/stream/stop?memberId=yyy

GET /control/speak-text?memberId=yyy&text=This%20is%20the%20text%20to%speak



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