Streamie Master Plan




This document is divided into two sections:


- Big Things. These are items that can be thought of in terms of the broad development direction and business strategy.


- Little Things. This is a laundry list of items that may or may not ever be completed, that are nice-to-have but not strategically important.


Big Things


- Navigation overhaul & unification. The iOS navigation overhaul is complete. The tvOS navigation overhaul is still pending. Once both are complete a lot more of the code will be shared across the platforms, which is vital to the next Big Thing (“Permissions”)….


- Permissions. An administrative user should be able to lock down the functionality of any device, preventing both malicious and accidental security issues. By way of example, a user may be able to stream a camera, but not view or edit the camera’s configuration. Permissions will be defined in Permission Groups.


- Audit Logging. Actions within the app and, more specifically, actions that modify data, should be logged in an immutable fashion for the purpose of being able to perform an audit. Audit logs would expire over time; they would not be manually purgeable.


- Cloud Recording. Cameras streamed by a particular device would also be securely relayed to cloud storage. Streamie supports record-to-NAS on your local network. If you have the necessary upstream bandwidth and transfer limits, this feature would remove local storage requirements.


- Bulk User Management. A mechanism for simplifying the management of 100s or 1000s of members on an account. The use case here is for a neighborhood or office building with a centralized video surveillance system where every resident or tenant can stream the cameras. As neighbors come and go and upgrade devices, the process of managing these changes needs to be minimally burdensome. There is probably an opportunity here to integrate with some sort of 3rd party user management / badge access system so that after an initial configuration process, no user management work has to take place within Streamie.


- Mac App. A real, true, native macOS app. Just imagine being able to distribute an app via the website! In addition to being able to record directly to locally attached storage, a Mac app could make use of a “record only” mode that performs no decoding or displaying, and would be capable of handling hundreds of cameras simultaneously.


- Web Viewer. Share or monitor your cameras from the convenience of a web browser.


Little Things


Coming soon, when I have time to organize all of my chicken-scratch notes here.



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