Release Notes for v3.10.2 (2022.11.19)




Stability improvements




- Fixes a crash when starting to read an RTCP message where we only have the 4 byte header and no body data yet available.

- Updates external dependencies

- Updates the 'Reset Everything' functionality so that when deleting files, we don't delete a couple directories that aren't actually Streamie cache folders.

- Fixes a crash that occurs when handling a remote stream request and the transcoder fails to initialize and then we call sync() on the queue that it's already running on.

- Fixes a bug that prevented the stream capabilities (ie, PTZ) from being received (sometimes) when doing a remote stream to a PTZ-capable camera

- Fixes a crash that occurred when a router connection ended and "listeners" were notified via a deinit() ... somehow it angers Swift, so, we're just no doing that any more.

- Improves connection reliability by fixing an issue that resulted in several concurrent attempts to re-establish a connection that were trampling each other.

- Fixes a remote-streaming issue for NAS recordings similar to a previous fix for direct streaming: when the message size exceeds the max buffer size (1MB), it was stuck waiting forever.



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