Release Notes for v3.3.0 (2021.08.26)




I always prefer a faster release cadence than what happened here (six weeks), but with a small pile of bug fixes, some significant UI changes (overhauled the Events tab with a collection view) and finally, adding NAS recording support (a truly crazy undertaking), it just took a while.


NAS recording was one of those things where I demonstrated a proof of concept in about a day, but it ended up taking weeks to get it stable and reliable. For some later features I have in mind, I’d like to be able to write out a journal file to the NAS, but I never could get that (writing as an append to a file) working.




- Recording support to SMB file servers

- Limit by number of days, total space, space available

- Only record certain cameras, or with certain devices

- Fixes an issue where one device might overwrite the changes made by another device

- Added server-side version checking to Cameras, Groups, File Servers and Smart Devices

- Also refreshes the object client-side if a write() call fails

- Fixes an issue where the Filter function would fail (and never stop)

- If get-event-details API call failed, the catch() didn't close the modal wait dialog

- Adds multi-account support

- Fixes an issue where the "message" field, when creating a new support ticket, was not editable (tvOS)

- Fixes a half-speed issue when playing G.711Mu 16KHz audio

- Adds Account Profile Edit support (tvOS)

- Improved the Events tab with a customizable grid view (iOS, tvOS)

- Adds on-screen-display when a remote proxy session begins (iOS)

- Fixes a crash that occurs when tapping on a placeholder cell on the Home tab (iOS)

- Improves the Groups add/edit screen (iOS, tvOS)

- Fixes a streaming view layout issue in tvOS 15 (tvOS)


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