Release Notes for v2.0.32 (2020.09.14)




I want to take Streamie to the next level. It’s challenging to focus on two projects at the same time (paid work and then this). I’m thinking about hiring a former co-worker to help get some work done, and get this project moving.


I’ve heard rumors that my contracting job is going to end in the next several months. It’d be trivial to get another one now, or even once it actually ends, but this could also be a great opportunity to apply myself full time to Streamie work and make this happen for real. Walking away from a paycheck isn’t a fun decision. Having work that I really enjoy doing would be a nice upside though.




- Updates various third party libraries

- Crash fixes

- Improves stream layout code (now optimized for iPad vs iPhone)

- Adds thumbnail previews when selecting a stream when configuring a camera


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