Streamie Pricing




Streamie is 100% free to use with up to 3 cameras and 2 devices. When you’re ready to upgrade, plans are available on a Monthly and Yearly basis. The Yearly cost is equivalent to 10 months (so you get two months free each year).


You can find the “fancy” pricing page here.


Pricing is based on Tiers. Tier 1 includes:


- 4 cameras

- 4 devices (iPhones, iPads, …)

- 4 groups

- 4 file servers

- 4 shares (for camera sharing)

- 4 integrations (YouTube, Ubiquiti, S3, …)

- 4 modules

- 4 modes (Home, Away, …)


Additionally, every paid Tier includes:


- 1 permission group

- 30 recording days (NAS, S3)

- 999 smart devices (Hubitat)

- 1GB event storage

- World class phone, email and in-app support


Custom pricing is available. If you have questions, contact us.




Tier 0Free!

- 3 cameras + 2 devices


Tier 1

- 4 cameras + 4 devices

- Monthly ($25/mo)

- Yearly ($250/yr)


Tier 2

- 9 cameras + 9 devices

- Monthly ($50/mo)

- Yearly ($500/yr)


Tier 3

- 16 cameras + 16 devices

- Monthly ($75/mo)

- Yearly ($750/yr)


Tier 4

- 25 cameras + 25 devices

- Monthly ($100/mo)

- Yearly ($1,000/yr)


Tier 5

- 36 cameras + 36 devices

- Monthly ($125/mo)

- Yearly ($1,250/yr)


Additional Services




Streamie is designed to work with multiple locations. By default, you can manage up to two locations on a device. Managing additional locations costs $250/yr per additional location (beyond 2).


Cloud Storage


Event recordings are encrypted and stored in the cloud. Every subscription comes with 1GB of storage space. Additional storage space is available at a cost of $100/yr per 10GB.


Permission Groups


Permission Groups let you precisely define and restrict the functionality of any device on your account. Every subscription comes with 1 permission group. Additional permission groups are available at a cost of $100/yr per 10 permission groups.


24/7 Recording


24/7 Recording is essential for security. Streamie supports recording to a local NAS, PC, Mac or your preferred S3 storage service. Every subscription will keep up to 30 days of recordings. Upgrade to “unlimited” (999 days, technically) at a cost of $100/yr.


Camera Bundles


If you don’t want to shop around for cameras, networking gear, wiring and then individually configure each camera — we can do that for you! Streamie camera bundles are easy to set up (just plug everything in and scan a code — printed instructions are included with each order).


Every camera bundle includes 1 year of Streamie service.


Custom bundles are available. Contact us to learn more.


4 Cameras

- 4 wired cameras

- PoE network switch

- Ethernet cables

- Buy ($999)


9 Cameras

- 9 wired cameras

- PoE network switch

- Network cables

- Buy ($1,999)


16 Cameras (Best value!)

- 1 wired cameras

- PoE network switch

- Network cables

- Buy ($2,999)




If you’re a service installer or other security professional looking to increase your recurring revenue, become a Streamie Partner today! Get in touch.



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About Streamie


Streamie provides a best-in-class user experience on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Silicon Mac, with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to discover, stream, record, monitor and share your HomeKit, Google Nest, Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and ONVIF-compatible IP and RTSP cameras. Streamie keeps you informed with motion event notifications and it works with most cameras using its advanced audio and video codec support. You can watch your cameras from anywhere, record 24/7 to your private NAS, remotely manage multiple locations, device permissions and seamlessly synchronize settings across your devices; configure Hubitat smart home automations, live stream to YouTube and rely on the in-app technical support system when you need help (but you can also reach us by phone). Download Streamie today. Lastly, Streamie is solar powered!