Release Notes for v3.3.3 (2021.10.23)




I made a UI so terrible that it made my 5yo son cry. When selecting cameras in tvOS, the selection color and the highlight color were the same. I knew it was bad, but it seemed livable under most use cases, and fixing it just wasn’t a priority for me. And then Kevin actually started crying one day as he was trying to add cameras to a group, and couldn’t understand what was happening. I fixed the issue right then and there and let him test again.


Event Relay is a new feature of this release. Let’s say you have an always-on Apple TV monitoring your cameras, and for some events, you have a “Speak Text” action. When that occurs, the same text is relayed to your other devices to also speak. This can be really annoying too, when you have several test devices each running Streamie, so you can disable the feature on a per-device basis.




- Fixes (hopefully) an issue where penguin objects were overwritten, leading to the loss of config settings.

- Fixes an issue where text field changes in ONVIF / UniFi / Smart Device actions were not applied when hitting Save in some cases.

- Fixes a crash when the app was launched in the background while the keychain was not unlocked.

- Support multi-server architecture for file uploads

- Fixes an issue where watermarks still appeared for some upgrades.

- Fixes an issue where configuring a camera might fail without tapping out of a field (iOS)

- Improves visibility of selected cameras when configuring an action, group, streaming session (tvOS)

- Streaming no longer pauses while adding / removing cameras (tvOS)

- Adds a per-device mute switch that can be remotely toggled

- Adds event "relay" support for speaking text, playing sounds on each member device for any event originating from another member device

- Improves UI for toggling muted, snapshot-sync features in the Accounts tab

- Removes the old Group Monitors stuff, which was deprecated a long while back (iOS, tvOS, Penguin)

- Fixes a layout issue when displaying multiple cameras on a new iPad Mini

- Fixes an issue where removing a camera when streaming did not also remove it from the Group (if any)


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