My Dream Camera


If you want a reasonably affordable IP camera with a great image sensor, built-in mic, IR night mode, smart motion detection and ONVIF support, you are in luck because there are a handful of products that check all those boxes. We even sell some!


Then one day you add four little letters — wifi — to your feature wishlist and suddenly you’re asking for what humanity cannot possibly produce. And you’re not even being picky here. You’re not asking for 5GHz wifi (although that would be nice), or Made in the USA (although that would be encouraging), or an impressive zoom lens, or even maybe a quality web UI that doesn’t require ActiveX and Internet Explorer (complete with an expired, self-signed SSL certificate)….


I simply cannot wrap my mind around how several notable camera manufacturers can produce top quality PoE cameras, but are somehow limited to mediocrity when it comes to their wireless offerings.


If Streamie HQ is ever flush with cash, maybe I’ll have to look into making such a camera.




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