Release Notes for v3.7.0 (2022.06.02)




The purpose of this release was to polish things up, but some great features snuck in as well including a vastly enhanced Support Ticket UI, Picture-in-Picture support on iOS, improved UniFi Protect support via a new Integration, a streamlined Add Camera flow, and finally you can now lay out cameras with a vertical size constraint (meaning that they’ll scroll horizontally).


Here’s a quick Picture-in-Picture demo.





- Adds more stats to the Account ==> Purchases screen: max cameras, max devices, max recording days.

- Prevents multiple shares from being created for a single camera.

- Delete associated shares when deleting a camera

- Don't show the Switch-to-Remote button when connecting to an Attached camera because if it is local, we can't remote connect, and if it isn't local, we auto-remote-connect

- Fixes an issue where going full screen on a camera resulted in a skewed version of the camera being displayed in the background (DV)

- Overhauls the Support Ticket UI. There's no new functionality here, but the ugly table view ui is gone

- PiP (Picture in Picture) support when streaming a single camera. All of the code is in place for this to work on tvOS, but it simply doesn't work. Additionally, it's a hamstrung feature on anyway, since PiP doesn't support app switching on tvOS.

- Only speak with CMCAVSpeechSynthesisTalker on a background queue. I'm hoping this'll prevent some dropped frames that sometimes occurs when speaking an announcement.

- Automatically update a camera's name to reflect a name change on a UniFi Protect system. This is limited to the UniFi integration and doesn't work if you merely configure an RTSP camera that happens to be served by a Protect system.

- Renames the Account tab to Settings to better reflect its function

- Updates the tutorial text to reflect this name change

- Overhauls architecture for integration-based cameras

- Add your Google Nest or UniFi Protect integration in the Settings tab

- Each such camera has an integration association

- Update your authentication for the integration and it applies to all of the associated cameras

- Backwards compatibility with already added Nest / UniFi cameras

- Overhauls the flow for adding cameras

- Everything starts with the Add a Camera screen

- Immediately see all discovered cameras including ONVIF, HomeKit, Attached, Google Nest, UniFi Protect

- Choose a discovered camera or the Add Manually option

- This is used for ONVIF, RTSP and Shared camera creation

- Help articles are now directly accessible on the setup screen for Google Nest, UniFi protect integrations

- Changed stuff in the Settings tab

- The Invite button moved from the Actions screen to the Members screen

- The Join button moved from the Actions screen to the Accounts screen

- Renamed the Action section to Junk Drawer

- Fixes an issue where a newly added HomeKit camera did not get the correct default name

- When viewing the Configure screen for a Google Nest camera, if the underlying device's name has changed, that new name will be displayed and saved (if the user hits the Save button)

- About screen changes

- Updates the background with the blurred Streamie logo

- Improves legibility by choosing a better font color

- Adds support for sharing a Google Nest camera

- Adds a File Server Details cell at the top of the main (Cameras) screen when viewing NAS recordings

- Adds a Delay setting (zero, 0.25s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s) to each camera that controls the time for which frames are queued before being displayed (DV)

- Use caution with this feature because it will dramatically increase memory use

- Refactored the Help tab to create a unified coordinator for iOS and tvOS

- The camera layout controller (Quilt) now supports a vertically-constrained layout that scrolls horizontally. You can toggle this layout setting while you're streaming cameras

- Fixes a crash that occurs when a remote notification is received before PenguinService is initialized.

- Fixes a crash that can occur when attempting to bootstrap a UniFi Protect connection (DV).

- Fixes the page control indicator colors in the first-time-launch Tutorial so that its actually visible.

- When updating a HomeKit camera, the name of the camera is now automatically updated to reflect the name of the HomeKit device

- Filters out HomeKit cameras when creating a new Share, because it is not possible to share a HomeKit camera

- Adds the Streamie version number to the Settings ==> Members screen for each member device

- Fixes a truly awful user experience when creating manual URL or ONVIF cameras

- Standardizes on Okay instead of a mishmash of Okay and Ok.

- Adds support for displaying clear error messages to the user when something goes wrong while trying to stream a HomeKit camera

- Fixes account switching so that it will actually refresh all of the app content after an account switch.

- Touches up the appearance of the live-stream and snapshot watermarks for free users.

- Removes the Name field from the HomeKit Configure screens because I want the camera name to track the HomeKit accessory name

- Fixes an issue where closed Tuxedo connections were not removed from the connections list, leading to the possibility of trying to reuse a closed connection, which doesn't really accomplish what you might hope for.


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