Release Notes for v3.10.0 (2022.10.06)




With the new Chinstrap networking layer in place and seemingly stable, I was able to add support for remote NAS recording access with relative ease.


This release also further makes use of Chinstrap networking by sending push notifications directly to Streamie if it is active and connected, instead of relying on the Apple push notification service. Of course, if Streamie is in the background, then we fall back to APNS.


Also, there has been this persistent first-time-user bug that I believe is finally resolved now. If you experience frequent errors, you should find the Reset Everything button in the Settings tab (under Junk Drawer) and tap that button.




- Fixes an issue where audio would sometimes not be available when remote streaming.

- Ports the Analytics API from Penguin to Chinstrap

- Ports the Help API from Penguin to Chinstrap

- Adds support in the Settings ==> Members screen for seeing the online status of each of the member devices

- Device status is updated in real time if everything is working correctly

- Adds support for remotely accessing NAS recordings, both with a direct connection and a relay connection.

- Fixes a crash that occurs when hitting the Upgrade button in the Purchases screen

- Push notifications now route directly to the device (instead of relying on an actual push notification) if Streamie is active and connected (ie, in the foreground and running)

- This is great for a couple reasons: push notifications are "best effort", which means that quite often, they just aren't ever delivered. They are platform specific (so WHEN we are able to add a web-based client or Android or whatever, we'd have to migrate to a better solution anyway). And, of course, with an open connection already established, the notification can be delivered almost immediately.

- Fixes a crash that can occur if you create an RTSP camera with no host name / ip address.

- Fixes a crash related to the layout of Looper cameras

- Fixes a crash that can occur when trying to start a stream with a camera configured with an invalid port number.

- Updates the About screen to include remote access connection method information (direct connect via port mapping or relay (when upnp is unavailable)).

- Improves the Google Nest Integration user experience a tiny bit by auto-saving after the "Sign In with Google" auth flow completes

- Adds support for translating pan / tilt gestures based on the rotation and flip settings for a camera.

- When starting a stream with just one camera that is rotated either 90 degrees or 270 degrees, vertically constrain the camera by defaulting to horizontal scrolling instead of vertical scrolling

- When modifying the Quick Settings for a device (from another device), like enabling debugging or remote streaming, the device you're modifying will provide an audible confirmation of the change (if Alerts are enabled).




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