Stream Cisco Meraki Cameras to Apple TV (Video Walls)




Enable RTSP on your Cisco Meraki cameras to enjoy low-latency, multi-camera streaming to an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Apple Silicon Mac.


NOTE: Typing on an Apple TV isn’t a great experience, so consider using an additional device (iPhone, iPad or Mac) to configure all of the cameras in Streamie. You can join multiple devices to the same account and avoid having to do any of the configuration directly on the Apple TV.


Enable RTSP


Before you can use your Cisco Meraki cameras with Streamie, you must enable RTSP on each camera that you want to access. You can find Cisco’s documentation on that here. In short:


- Select Cameras - Monitor - Cameras and select a camera from the list.

- Select Settings - Video Settings.

- Under External RTSP select “Yes” and use the provided stream link to access the camera.


You should see a URL that looks something like:


- rtsp://x.x.x.x:9000/live


Make note of that URL. We’ll need to use it in a moment.


Meraki Screenshot


Add a Camera to Streamie


In Streamie, navigate to the Home tab - Cameras - Options - Add Camera. RTSP cameras are not automatically discovered, so continue to navigate to Options - Add Manually and choose the RTSP option.


Enter the components from the URL above, substituting the actual IP address:


- Scheme: rtsp

- Hostname: x.x.x.x

- Port Number: 9000

- Path: /live


You can leave all of the other options alone. If you hit “Reload” on the Stream section, you should be able to see some specs on the RTSP stream.


Finally, hit Save & Close. Return to the Cameras screen. Tap on your camera and you should be up-and-running.


Repeat these steps for each of your Meraki cameras.


Multi-Camera Streaming


Streamie provides Groups for arranging multiple cameras on a screen in a persistent and convenient way. After all of your cameras are configured, navigate to Home - Groups - Options - Add Group. You can add some or all of your cameras to this group (subject to the GPU limits of the device you’re using), arrange them, rotate them, resize them and so on. Save & Close. You can then tap on this new group to start streaming all of those cameras.


Once the group is streaming, you can also make changes to the arrangement and layout of the cameras. Those changes will be saved to the group.


You can learn more about configuring groups here.



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