Release Notes for v3.5.5 (2022.04.29)




The Streamie Store is here at last! Check it out. This release features a number of changes that support a great user experience for Streamie Store customers. In short, when your cameras arrive, you plug them all in, scan a code with your phone (or type it into your Apple TV), and all of your camera configuration information is set up with no configuration steps necessary on your part. Due to having ONVIF support for discovering cameras, the IP addresses of the new cameras are discovered, and the configurations are updated accordingly. The end result is that after a brief moment, the cameras should be accessible in Streamie.


There are a lot of Google Nest users who want their Nest cameras on an Apple TV, and surprisingly these folks don’t also have an iPhone or iPad. Now, the Apple TV will present a link which the user can type into a web browser, which will commence the Google OAuth flow, and deliver the necessary authorization back to the Apple TV.


Also, the Account tab was a giant mess after years of adding little features here and there. It is a much more organized mess now, and even a bit visually pleasing.




- Adds "Activate" action in the Account tab for providing a promo code

- Improves the ONVIF camera search screen with information about which cameras are already added

- Adds support for typing a shared camera code to add a shared camera

- Adds support for adding a Nest camera with only an Apple TV via a series of redirects

- Improves Nest support on iOS by removing the need for multiple OAuth flows to add multiple cameras

- Overhauls the Account tab, which was an unmanageable mess

- Displays the correct camera name when starting a remote stream


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