Debug Logging


When you are in contact with Streamie Support, you may be asked to enable this feature. Once enabled, Streamie will record debug logs that can be used to assist you with diagnosing issues. This option remains active for one week and then automatically disables. You can manually disable it at any time.


Audible Alerts


Coming soon.


Remote Camera Access


When enabled, this device will act as a remote proxy, allowing you to remotely access your cameras while you are away from them. This only works if this device is on, running Streamie, and has local access to the cameras. For instance, you might have an always-on Apple TV at home with this feature enabled, and then you can stream your cameras from your iPhone while you are away from home.




Coming soon.


Stop Offscreen Cameras


This feature is enabled by default, and for most mobile devices, this default behavior is what you want.


There are three “layers” within Streamie through which camera streaming is processed, which include:


- Networking

- Routing

- Display


When you are streaming several cameras and some of the cameras are fully offscreen (requiring you to scroll to be able to see them), those cameras have their Routing layer and Display layer paused. Additionally, if this Stop Offscreen Cameras feature is enabled, those same offscreen cameras will also have their Network layer paused (meaning we fully disconnect from the camera).


For situations where your device (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac) has adequate bandwidth and is local to your cameras, you can safely disable this feature and Streamie will maintain its network connection to all of the active cameras, even if the cameras scroll offscreen. This also means that event processing (such as motion events from a camera) and recording (to a NAS or S3) will continue uninterrupted.


For situations where you are mobile or otherwise remote from the cameras, you generally want to conserve your bandwidth use by enabling this feature.


Streaming Rotation Lock


Coming soon.


Device Offline Alert


Coming soon.


Background Keep-Alive


Coming soon.


Web Portal


When enabled, a URL will appear. When you are on the same network as this device, you can use a web browser to view the self-hosted web portal that will give you access to browse and play your NAS or S3 recordings made by Streamie. You can learn more about 24/7 recording here.



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Streamie provides a best-in-class user experience on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Silicon Mac, with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to discover, stream, record, monitor and share your HomeKit, Google Nest, Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and ONVIF-compatible IP and RTSP cameras. Streamie keeps you informed with motion event notifications and it works with most cameras using its advanced audio and video codec support. You can watch your cameras from anywhere, record 24/7 to your private NAS, remotely manage multiple locations, device permissions and seamlessly synchronize settings across your devices; configure Hubitat smart home automations, live stream to YouTube and rely on the in-app technical support system when you need help (but you can also reach us by phone). Download Streamie today. Lastly, Streamie is solar powered!