Release Notes for v3.2.0 (2021.07.09)




This release was mainly just a ton of small improvements and bug fixes.




- Adds L16 (aka, Linear PCM) audio streaming support (Krill)

- Refactor CMCCameraSource + subclasses to a protocol + structs

- Quota service runs on active accounts every 10 minutes (Penguin)

- Function for downgrading expired accounts (Penguin)

- Function for notifying trial accounts of impending expirations (Penguin)

- Resolves first-time-launch lockup (Penguin)

- Makes the tutorial accessible in the Help tab (iOS, tvOS)

- Moves Upgrade from the Accounts tab, to its own tab (iOS, tvOS)

- Improves Restore Purchase feedback to indicate when both Pro and App-Only features are available (iOS, tvOS)

- Refresh Events when the view appears (iOS, tvOS)

- When removing a camera, also remove it from smart actions (iOS, tvOS)

- Fixes a PTZ mode issue while in full screen (tvOS)

- Fixes an issue preventing ONVIF motion events from working (iOS, tvOS) by filtering out local host and self-assigned addresses when determining the best local interface to use as the callback for ONVIF motion events

- Adds in-app support tickets (tvOS)

- Adds smart action support to ONVIF cameras (iOS, tvOS)

- Removes the Upgrade UI for corporate accounts (iOS, tvOS)

- Customizable PTZ speed controls for ONVIF cameras (iOS, tvOS)

- Adds badges to cameras to indicate the number of event actions associated with that camera (iOS, tvOS)

- Adds an account-level, user-customizable Mode feature for easily enabling / disabling Smart Device and Camera actions (iOS, tvOS)


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