Release Notes for v3.12.0 (2023.02.17)




The most notable changes in v3.12.0 are that the UI changes to the iOS app (primarily in the Home tab navigation) have stabilized, and a couple longstanding issues have finally been squashed.


Also, due to a customer request, we now have a new Module named, “Custom”. Documentation on our JSON format for module layout is forthcoming, but the gist of it is that you can provide a URL that returns some supported JSON, and Streamie will render it in your Module. This could be as simple as a company logo, or the state of some internal service. Expect to see features added to this Module in the near future.




- Improves support for managing multiple locations

- Updates the launch screen storyboard copyright year

- Adds the new "Custom" module that lets you provide a URL that returns compatible JSON to render your content

- Moves the Members screen from Settings to the top-level

- Update-the-app prompts now include a button for jumping to the appropriate App Store page

- Updates the Profile screen to match the new text field style

- Fixes a join-account-with-invite-code failure that could occur under some circumstances [DV]

- Updates the list of Apple device model identifiers and corresponding product names

- Fixes a crash that can occur if you define a Module with a new version of Streamie and then try to use that Module with an old version of Streamie. Don't do that.

- Fixes an issue where object (camera, group, server, ...) deletions did not sync across devices automatically as they should have

- Fixes a bunch of potential crashes with respect to Google Nest support, where the user-provided Integration values are incorrect and cannot be assembled into a valid URL. Common errors are now dynamically handled, like trimming whitespace

- Fixes an issue with the new Main tab UI where we would incorrectly pop() to the root view controller when saving changes in nearly any screen.

- Fixes an issue with the new Main tab UI where hidden objects (cameras, groups, servers) were not being hidden.

- Fixes a longstanding issue where the display layer can enter a state where it never again claims to be ready for frames, and we silently drop frames forever without ever triggering a display layer reset

- Fixes an issue where if the app launched in the background (due to a background notification), the app would end up in an invalid state, preventing API connectivity.




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