Release Notes for v3.0.3 (2021.04.29)




Axis cameras apparently support the older, 2005 era, OVIF discovery protocol, instead of the newer 2009 version. I had to buy an Axis camera to figure this out. But it works now.


There are just a ton of tiny bug fixes in this version.


I’m hoping that the addition of a pop up tutorial for first time users will help explain the value of Streamie and how to use it, without being too annoying.




- Migrates to Xcode 12.5

- Prompt for push notifications when sending a support message (iOS)

- In-app rating-and-review prompts (iOS)

- Tutorials for tabs and other screens (iOS, tvOS)

- Streaming improvements (Krill)

- Hijunmi light bulb security camera support (Krill)

- Home tab adjust-scale persistence bug fix (iOS)


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