Release Notes for v3.0.1 (2021.04.12)




It’s interesting that for every camera out there, there’s a slightly different understanding of what a given spec actually means, be it capitalization or a hyphen vs an underscore. And then there are superseding standards….


The v3.0.0 release went well enough. There were a number of issues, particularly with the backend, that customers were patient enough with me to let me resolve with their assistance in testing.




- Auto-stream support for ONVIF and RTSP cameras and camera groups.

- Resolves a Ubiquiti NVR compatibility issue related to handling H.264 NAL units.

- Fixes an Axis camera ONVIF compatibility issue (RTP_unicast ==> RTP-Unicast).

- Adds experimental UDP support for RTSP streaming.

- Miscellaneous UI improvements, bug fixes


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