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The end of an era. Samsung has deprecated Groovy entirely, which explains why my home automation events that are supposed to be going to Streamie, stopped. Fortunately, I was part way through a migration from SmartThings to Hubitat, so this event got me over the finish line. You can read more about the SmartThings changes here.




SmartThings is a home automation platform that works with third party integrations. Streamie integrates with SmartThings, allowing you to tie Streamie actions (such as audible alerts, saving snapshots or making a short recording) with SmartThings events (such as a motion alert or door opening).


One limitation that exists at the time of this writing, is that event actions can only be configured in an iPhone or iPad. Once configured, you can rely on an Apple TV, but the initial configuration is not (yet) supported on Apple TV. You will need to have your iPhone or iPad paired to the same account as your Apple TV, in this scenario. See this article to learn how to pair devices.




SmartThings integrations are made possible with Groovy programs. You can find the Streamie program here. Save this file. We will need it in a moment.




To add third party integrations to your SmartThings account, you need to access the SmartThings Console.


- After you authenticate, select the My SmartApps tab.

- Choose New SmartApp.

- Choose From Code.

- Copy and paste the Streamie Groovy program.

- Choose Create.

- Choose Publish ==> For Me.


SmartThings App


These next steps relate to the SmartThings app.


- Tap on the Automations tab.

- Tap on the + (plus) button at the top.

- Choose Add routine.

- Tap on the Discover tab.

- Scroll until you find Streamie Event Notifications; tap on it.


You can now configure which events will be forwarded to Streamie. In general, you can safely enable events for all of your devices.


- At the bottom, enter the IP address of the device (such as an Apple TV) that will be running Streamie.

- Enter a name for this automation, such as Send Streamie Event Notifications.

- Tap on Done to save your settings.


Streamie App


These next steps relate to the Streamie app.


Streamie will learn which smart home devices you have, and what each device’s capabilities are, as events are forwarded to it by your SmartThings hub.


- Open the Streamie app on the device for which you provided the IP address in the previous section.

- Run around your house and trigger smart home events, such as opening doors or triggering motion sensors.

- On your iPhone or iPad, on the Home tab, you should be able to see items appear in the Smart Devices section.

- As items appear, you can tap on them to configure Streamie actions.


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