Streamie Tech Specs


Core Features


Streaming protocols



- WebRTC (Google Nest)

- HomeKit

- MPEG-DASH (YouTube)


Audio & video codecs

- H.264 (AVC1), H.265 (HEVC) video

- AAC, AC3, AMR, G.711a, G.711Mu, MP3 audio

- Adjust volume for each camera individually


ONVIF support

- Discover & configure your cameras quickly and easily

- Pan, tilt and zoom

- Motion event alerts, actions / triggers

- Manually control focus

- Log license plates


NAS Recording

- Record your cameras 24/7 to your local NAS (SMB file server)

- Play, share and manage your recordings directly within the app

- Remotely review, manage your NAS recordings


Cloud Recording

- Record your cameras 24/7 to your preferred S3 storage provider

- Play, share and manage your recordings directly within the app


Camera Sharing

- Generate a url, give it to a friend, instant camera access

- Live Stream 24/7 to YouTube

- Use your iPhone as a security camera



- Automate Streamie using this integration

- Query for cameras, groups, devices and other details

- Send commands via URL to remotely control a device


Attached camera support

- Can use the built-in and USB cameras on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

- Record your iPhone, iPad camera directly to your NAS


Google Nest camera support


- WebRTC

- No motion event support (yet)


HomeKit camera support

- No audio because…Apple


Ubiquiti UniFi Protect support

- Discover & configure your cameras quickly and easily via integration with UniFi controllers.

- Includes streaming audio, video

- Motion event alerts, actions / triggers


Pair Your Devices

- Share account access with all of your devices.

- Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Silicon Macs

- Configuration synchronization across devices

- Push notifications for motion alerts

- Includes a snapshot and a recording

- Optional audible alert (if Streamie is in the foreground)

- Manage device access with permissions groups


Event history

- Snapshots & recordings for past events stored securely in the cloud

- Easily share snapshots & recordings

- Messages, and other apps that support the media type

- Add storage space subscription to keep more event history

- Search and filter events


Remote Streaming

- Relies on having an always-on device on-site

- Zero configuration remote streaming support


Scalable and Efficient

- Live stream dozens of cameras on an Apple TV 4K

- Group cameras together to quickly stream a set of cameras

- Trigger recordings & save snapshots at any point

- Saves to your iCloud photo album


Integrated app support

- Search the built-in knowledge base for answers to common questions

- Create a support ticket to get expert assistance, request features, etc


Home automation integration

- Hubitat

- Uses our Groovy file for integration

- Audible announcements alert you to events such as a door opening


Device Management & Permissions

- Define permissions groups to limit the access of each device

- See a screen grab from any of your online devices

- Remotely control your online devices

- Start, stop steaming any camera, module or group

- Speak text

- Identify a device

- Show a custom message

- Initiate a broadcast to one or all of your devices


Advanced Camera Layout

- Size cameras independently

- Customize arrangements into groups

- Scroll horizontally or vertically

- Rotate, flip cameras individually

- Loop Mode to cycle through offscreen cameras



- Clock

- Slideshow

- Messages

- Weather

- Streamie Logo

- Custom (JSON API)

- Your company logo

- Integrate with 3rd party APIs




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About Streamie


Streamie provides a best-in-class user experience on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Silicon Mac, with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to discover, stream, record, monitor and share your HomeKit, Google Nest, Ubiquiti UniFi Protect and ONVIF-compatible IP and RTSP cameras. Streamie keeps you informed with motion event notifications and it works with most cameras using its advanced audio and video codec support. You can watch your cameras from anywhere, record 24/7 to your private NAS, remotely manage multiple locations, device permissions and seamlessly synchronize settings across your devices; configure Hubitat smart home automations, live stream to YouTube and rely on the in-app technical support system when you need help (but you can also reach us by phone). Download Streamie today. Lastly, Streamie is solar powered!