Streamie Tech Specs


Core Features


Streaming protocols


- WebRTC (Google Nest)

- HomeKit

Audio & video codecs

- H.264 (AVC1), H.265 (HEVC) video

- AAC, AC3, AMR, G.711a, G.711Mu, MP3 audio

ONVIF support

- Discover & configure your cameras quickly and easily

- Pan, tilt and zoom

- Motion event alerts, actions / triggers

NAS Recording

- Record your cameras 24/7 to your local NAS (smb file server)

- Play, share and manage your recordings directly within the app

Camera Sharing

- Generate a url, give it to a friend, instant camera access

Attached camera support

- Can use the built-in and USB cameras on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Google Nest camera support

- No motion event support (yet)

HomeKit camera support

- No audio because Apple is stupid

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect support

- Discover & configure your cameras quickly and easily via integration with UniFi controllers.

- Includes streaming audio, video

- Motion event alerts, actions / triggers

Add several Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Silicon Macs to your account

- Configuration synchronization across devices

- Push notifications for motion alerts

- Includes a snapshot and a recording

- Optional audible alert (if Streamie is in the foreground)

- Add device count subscription to use more devices

Event history

- Snapshots & recordings for past events stored securely in the cloud (Microsoft Azure)

- Easily share snapshots & recordings

- Messages, and other apps that support the media type

- Add storage space subscription to keep more event history

Remotely access your cameras

- Relies on having an always-on device on-site (wherever the cameras are located)

Live stream up to twenty-five cameras on an Apple TV 4K

- Group cameras together to quickly stream a set of cameras

- Trigger recordings & save snapshots at any point

- Saves to your device's photo album

Integrated app support

- Search the built-in knowledge base for answers to common questions

- Create a support ticket to get expert assistance, request features, etc

Home automation integration

- Samsung SmartThings

- Hubitat

- Uses our Groovy file for integration

- Audible announcements alert you to events such as a door opening




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