Release Notes for v3.5.2 (2022.04.04)




Google Commercial Development review is a hideous beast. My hope was to provide integrated keys that would allow for a seamless user experience when adding Google Nest cameras to Streamie. When it works, adding a Google Nest camera requires a few taps to authenticate and select your cameras, and then you’re done. Unfortunately, rolling out that feature to the public requires a significant annual expense.


With this dead end firmly dead, I added a UI for the user to provide his own API keys. It’s not a trivial process to get the keys, but it’s not overly difficult for anyone technically inclined. Not an ideal user experience for user, but at least this gets Google Nest camera back on Apple TV.


Here are the steps, for those who are interested.




- Adds support for user-provided Google API keys for Nest integration

- Improves remote streaming stability by resolving a race condition (ACJ)

- Resolves a race condition when multiple UniFi cameras are configured

- Improves remote streaming by not assuming every stream is H.264 (RSV)

- Adds support for per-device toggling of event notifications

- Double-tap on a stream to toggle full screen (iOS)


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