Release Notes for v3.8.0 (2022.06.22)




The goal for v3.8.0 is to get “camera modes” in place. You should be able to edit a group, arrange the cameras and assign the behavior (“mode”) of a camera location to cycle through the offscreen cameras. There’s a Help article for this feature that is accessible directly in the app, and you can find a quick demo video here.




- Migrate, while maintaining backwards compatibility, the data model for camera Groups from being a list of camera ids, to being a list of Items, each of which can have a type, scale. This is a step towards having camera modes.

- Fixes an issue where UniFi events were not being handled in the Apple TV app

- Fixes an issue where UniFi event actions were cached and changes were not used when processing events in same cases.

- Fixes an issue that resulted in a "stuck" frame for a streaming camera. When the RTSP video presentation time rolls over back to zero, I was not accumulating the offset, so it would work for the first rollover, but then it'd fail to accumulate the previous offset when rolling over a 2nd time. Somehow I figured this out for audio, but didn't duplicate the fix for video. Whatever. A rollover for some cameras happens every 13.256 hours (32 bit time at 90kHz).

- Fixes an issue related to snap-to-grid when scrolling up through a set of streaming cameras on iOS

- Adds snap-to-grid support when scrolling horizontally through a set of streaming cameras.

- Updates the Upgrade tab to use markdown layout for the overview, including links to content related to each feature

- Adds support for storing, retrieving the desired scroll direction for a camera group

- Replaces the in-app first-time-launch tutorial with a Markdown-based one

- On app start (or resume), do a bulk camera snapshot update instead of doing so individually for each camera (waaaay faster)

- Unlocks ten-cameras-across for iOS, tvOS instead of just for macOS. Please don't try to stream an unreasonable number of cameras.

- Adds placeholder cells to the Add-a-Camera screen in empty sections.

- Adds the ability to do camera layout when editing a group (iOS)

- Adds the ability to selectively show, hide Cameras, Groups or File Servers on a given device (iOS)

- Replied to Reolink with ONVIF identifier test results of their latest beta firmware (kudos to them for getting everything fixed)

- Merges the iOS, tvOS Group Coordinator and simplifies the individual view controllers

- When streaming a single camera, automatically switch to vertically constraining if that one camera is taller than it is wide.

- Delay asking for Push Notification permission until it is necessary, and even then, prompt the user with an explanation before actually prompting for permission.

- Removes the Kingfisher dependency since our actual dependence on it was removed a long time back

- Adds a device-level toggle to enable/disable stopping offscreen cameras. It is enabled by default.

- Adds the ability to set a Mode for a camera group position, so that Streamie will automatically "loop" offscreen cameras into certain camera positions while streaming that group

- Removes the clunky "make bigger" / "make smaller" scale options and replaces with a list of 1..n.

- Added pinch-to-zoom support while streaming (irrespective of PTZ). iOS only, obviously. You can zoom in the tvOS app by buying a larger TV.


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